Data Element NameMeasurement
Data Element Reference NumberG00.02
Description of Data Element

Measurement is defined as as the process of ascertaining dimensions (distance, area, volume) & quantity (weight) in the Metric system.For the purpose of uniformity, two decimal places have been standardized for this generic data element across the domain applications, and maximum size has been “p” marked:

Measurement of Distance in:

Meters (Meters)                    G00.02-11

Kilometers (km)                    G00.02-12

Centimeter (cm)                    G00.02-13

Millimeters (mm)                   G00.02-14

Measurement of Area in:

Square Meters (Sq.meter)      G00.02-21

Square Kilometers(     G00.02-22

Square Centimeters(   G00.02-23

Square Millimeters (   G00.02-24

Hectares                               G00.02-25

Measurement of Volume in:

Cubic Meters (Cu.meter)      G00.02-31

Cubic Kilometers (    G00.02-32

Cubic Centimeters(   G00.02-33

Cubic Millimeters (   G00.02-34

Measurement of Weight in:

Grams(Grams)                     G00.02-41

Kilograms (kg)                     G00.02-42

Quintal(q)                            G00.02-43

Note: basic unit of measurement is Meter / Gram. More instances can be added for storageof measurement in other units, in future.

Data Element TypeGeneric
Is part of any
Parts if any
Data FormatDecimal (p,3)
Max Size

Value of “p”, the maximum size of the data element, would be decided by a domain depending upon the specific requirements of the applications in that domain.

Default Value
OwnerGovernment of India, DeitY
Based on
Date Agreed

Specific to Land Region Codification:

Since various states conventionally maintain area of land regions in different units, the Measurement conversion directory( CD.00.01) may be used for this purpose

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