Data Element NameAmount
Data Element Reference NumberG00.04
Description of Data Element

-Amount must be stored in Rupees
- Amount must be stored in the database as Numeric value along with two digits for paisa
-The amount should be printed in Indian Standard
For printing purpose there is a function to convert Numeric value into the Character (Crore, Lakhs, Thousand, Hundred) & (paisa).

Data Element TypeGeneric
Is part of any
Parts if any
Data FormatDecimal (p,2)
Max Size

“p” , the maximum size of the data element would depend upon the specific requirements of applications in a domain, hence kept variant. Domain applications can customize / standardize the maximum size accordingly. However, for the purpose of uniformity, two decimal places have been standardized for this generic data element across the domain applications, and maximum size has been marked as “p”.


It must be a positive number (Amount value >=0)

Default Value0.00
OwnerGovernment of India, DeitY
Based on
Date Agreed

The number before the decimal point in RUPEES and the Number after the decimal point in PAISE.

For display / printing of amount in Rupees:
- The amount along with two decimals for paisa should be prefixed with (the new symbol for Rupee) without a gap between Rupee symbol and the amount.
- “,” to be used to segregate hundreds, thousands, lakhs, crores etc.

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