Data Element NameFull Name in Recognized Official language
Data Element Reference NumberG01.02-04
Description of Data Element

Full Name in Recognized Official language expanded and captured in natural order, for the purpose of searching records by name strings
(It is a set of expanded character strings, each separated by a “blank space”, representing surname / given name/ middle name/….etc in any order as per cultural practices.

In the full name, it is mandatory to include all character strings and the expanded strings of initials reflected in the short name.

However, the full name can have additional character strings also, which might not have been included in the short name.)

It should NOT include Appellation / title.

This is one of the instances of Generic data element Name of the Person (G01.02), through which Name of the Person can be represented

Data Element TypeGeneric
Is part of any
Parts if any
Data FormatVarchar
Max Size

99, Storage in UNICODE Standard UTF-8

Default Value
OwnerGoverment of India, DeitY
Based on
Date Agreed

Preferably, at the time of capturing the data, the Name may be verified on the basis of some documentary evidence like Birth certificate, School Leaving certificate, Ration card etc.

The sub-strings ( in any order) in the Full Name may represent:

Given name/First name (>=1)
Surname/family name/Last name (>=0)
Middle name (>=0)
Patronymic / father’s -name (>=0)
Metronymic / mother’s -name (>=0)
Generational-Identifier (>=0)
Village Name >=0
Any other name type (>=0) etc.
The additional requirement of capturing information like Surname / Given name(s) is domain specific, hence NOT covered in this Standard.

However, this specific information regarding Given Name(s), Surname can be derived from Full name string, by tagging / identifying the corresponding sub-strings positions, as specified in OASIS- CIQ-XNL version 2.0.

Name of the person should not include Appellation, which is a separate data element, and would be prefixed with name of the person while displaying / printing.

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