Data Element NameAppellation Code
Data Element Reference NumberG01.05-01
Description of Data Element

An Appellation is title for a Person to be prefixed with

His / Her name. It represents:

a. Gender & Marital status like Mr., Mrs., Ms.

b. Attained professional educational qualification like Dr., CA, Engineer etc.

A Person can have two Appellations.

Refer comments section for multiple Appellation concatenation at interface level.

Data Element TypeGeneric
Is part of any
Parts if any
Data FormatInteger
Max Size


Default Value
OwnerMinistry of Home Affairs
Based on
Date Agreed

Maximum of two Appellations are allowed as prefix to the name.

The sequence of display / printing of multiple applications

would be as follows:

Attained Professional Appellation, followed by the “Gender & Marital status” Appellation within brackets.

The Code directory for Appellation should be multilingual for all

the Official Recognized Languages

Date of Publishing
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