XML Schema for Generic Data Elements: Specific to Person Identification
SNo Data Element Name Ref No. Schema
11 Relationship Code G01.08-01 relationCode03.xsd
12 Face Image Record Header G01.09-00-01 FaceImageRecordHeader03.xsd
13 Face Image Record Data G01.09-00-02 FaceImageRecordData03.xsd
14 Face Image Data G01.09-00-03 FaceImageData03.xsd
15 Finger Print General Record Header G01.10-00-01 FingerPrintImageGeneralRecordHeader03.xsd
16 Finger Print Image Record Header G01.10-00-02 FingerPrintImageRecordHeader03.xsd
17 Finger Print Image Data G01.10-00-03 FingerPrintImageData03.xsd
18 Iris Record Header G01.11-00-01 IrisImageRecordHeader03.xsd
19 Iris Image Sub Type Header G01.11-00-02 IrisImageSubTypeHeader03.xsd
20 Iris Image Header G01.11-00-03 IrisImageHeader03.xsd


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