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Apex Body Members


  1. Secretary, Meity


  1. Secretary, Department of Law
  2. Representative from Planning Commission
  3. Representative from Department of Expenditure
  4. Additional Secretary, Deptt. of Admin Reforms & Pub Grievances
  5. Director General, NIC, Meity
  6. Director General, STQC Directorate, Meity
  7. Director General, C-DAC
  8. Director General, Bureau of Indian Standards
  9. Secretary (IT), Government of Uttarakhand
  10. Secretary (e-Governance), Government of Karnataka
  11. President, NASSCOM
  12. Executive Director, MAIT
  13. Joint Secretary (e-Governance Group), Meity
  14. Joint Secretary & Financial Advisor, Meity
  15. Director (e-Governance Standards), Meity

Role of the Apex Body

  1. Act on behalf of Government of India and design the broad policy framework for setting standards for the e-Governance initiatives in India
  2. Guide on the issues of strategy, conflict resolution and the exemptions
  3. Approve the recommended Standards, after ensuring that due processes have been followed
  4. Ensure that the Standards recommended are in conformity with the relevant international Standards where appropriate